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The Gods 255

3.3.5 WotLK

Nightfallen I80

3.3.5 WotLK

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Welcome to one of the best WoW servers.

Quality since 2008, active players, no lags, very secure server, almost daily upgrades, Over 600k registered accounts, unique custom items, instances and much more!

This is our new Site with: unique design, CMS support, Admin Panel, Account Panel, Referral system, better Vote System and more.

Forgot password sends to your email-address a fresh password!

TOP Voters get free Donor Points every week!

We've opened our own Discord server!

More details:

Leading -> The WotG-Emu delivers the highest performance and richest working game environment.

Developing -> We have less bugs than any other private server, and a high up-time.

Anti-Cheat -> Is built into the WotG-Emu, hackers will get banned automatically.

Anti-Spam -> Players can't insult each other and make advertisments on World of the Gods.

Dedicated Server -> 99,9% online, 8 years old. Improved and better server everyday!

Level 255 Fun Realm

NPC XP Per Kill = 150%, Quest XP = 200%, Exploration XP = 200%, PvP & PvE.

Fully scripted IceCrown Citadel, all dungeons and Custom Instances!

New Core/DB 2016, 1vs1 Arena, Teleport NPC and portable teleporter;

Buffed Donor Gear & New Vote 5 Set, lots of new custom items;

Starting items; New Mall with Mall teleporter inside, Cata/MoP Mounts; All Race All Classes available;

Title Master, Visual Spells, Professions, Instant Gear Enchants NPCs;

Guild House Vendor; VIP Mall; VOTE Refund, Crossfaction BG's.

New Instant 80 realm

The realm is constantly being updated and fixes will get applied almost every day:

- This realm is created from the bottom;

- Trinity Core 2017 latest version with all updates;

- New Scripts added for: Vote Shop, Donor Shop, Teleporter, TemplateNPC, Chat and more;

- We'll annouce more information on the Forum.

All important news about our server:

1. The Gods 255 realm:

- new custom farming zone: Pirate attack!

- new world bosses: Titan Gods;

- Arena 1vs1 reward system added;

2. Nightfallen 80 realm:

- Instant 80 realm with a mix of blizzlike and custom content has been opened;

3. Site news:

- edited a lot of grammar mistakes;

- we have new client already setup for WotLK 3.3.5a in Guide page.

- TOP Voters system can give you free Donor Points every week!